Our Story

Simkins Parlour Owners
Simkins Grocery was founded in 1929 by the Simkins brothers. They offered a variety of grocery items including meat and penny candies. After decades of operation, Simkins Grocery eventually closed permanently and sat vacant for many years.
Simkins Parlour, like many other things, began as an idea. We wanted to open a family business which offered a stylish, nostalgic atmosphere where people could come and enjoy a variety of delicious foods and desserts in peace and comfort…
James and Amber (husband and wife) and Kevin (James’ father) Douglas opened the doors in
September 2016 to begin serving Sterling!
In April of 2017 Christa Moore was brought on board with her company
Show Me The Munchies to provide a new and innovative product for the menu! Cabbage pockets!
A new life long friendship was born.
In January of 2020 Christa was invited to be an owner of Simkins.

What We Offer

Simkins provides the healthiest and freshest products available. From our delightful salad bar (30+) toppings to our scratch made ; soups, pockets and cheesecakes. We make from scratch as many products as possible, using local ingredients as often as we can. We have a large menu selection with a myriad of “customers choice” offerings! You can choose your toppings- so it’s custom tailored to YOUR liking!

We decide on new products according to popularity! We try and offer items for certain dietary needs as well;
Vegan, Keto, gluten free, etc.
We are always trying new things! We love customer feedback!